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La quête du retour

The story of the Transtaiga Expedition published by Les heures bleues.


An overview of the expeditions and adventures achieved since 2011.


A selection of texts published in various magazines.


Vidéo : Simon Jolicoeur-Côté

Documentary concert


Bach, Rameau and other baroque composers accompany this sumptuous mise en scène of the story La quête du retour. Through words, music and images, the northern landscape of Quebec as well as the connection between the people who live there are revealed in clair-obscur tones. 


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The old gold-digger, had he been able to unravel that endless expectation in the depths of the soul which is called hope, might have discovered that his strongest desire was to see the unexpected once more enter his life.

Gabrielle Roy, La Montagne secrète

Samuel Lalande-Markon

Passionate about expedition stories and the nordicity of Quebec, Samuel Lalande-Markon has completed several adventures in remote regions by bicycle, canoe and ski. As an author, he is interested in the interior dimension of adventure as well as in the individual and collective relationships with the territory.



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